Find Amazing Products.

About Wanelo

Think of Wanelo as a mall on your phone, curated by people just like you. It helps you find the most amazing products in the universe. A regular mall has 150 stores, but on Wanelo you’ll find over 550,000 stores which include all the big brands you know, as well as tiny independent boutiques and sellers you’ve never heard of.

Wanelo Statistics

  • 550 thousand stores
  • 30 million products
  • 3 billion product saves

Wanelo ("wah-nee-loh,” from Want, Need, Love) is also a way to search and follow all of your favorite stores in one place. It's used by millions of people who post tens of thousands of new products to Wanelo every day.

Wanelo was launched in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California, on the western coast of the North American continent on the beautiful planet Earth.

The Story

Wanelo was founded by Deena Varshavskaya, who was frustrated with shopping in traditional malls. Her personal style didn’t fit a simple category and she wanted to shop in more unique places. She decided to create a social network that would make it easy to discover amazing stores and products from anywhere online.

Deena worked on Wanelo for more than two years using her own savings before attracting Wanelo’s first users. In 2011, she moved to San Francisco and raised funding after 40 investor rejections. Today, Wanelo is a team of over 30, and millions of people are using it to find and buy products they love.

Photo of Wanelo founder Deena Varshavskaya standing in front of a wood panelled wall and smiling